We value our relationships with our dealers and work closely in business collaboration with over 700 authorised distributors across Australia.   

We are invested in building collaborative long-term partnerships in every region of Australia with local Halitrax, Harvest & Haulmax Tyre Dealers.  We believe in keeping it local.

At ATT we say what we mean and mean what we say.  We believe in backing investment in local communities across Australia. 

Australian Tyres Traders does not sell directly to end users of our products – we distribute exclusively through a network of valued dealers who have authorised distribution for our own brands in specific regions.

If you want to discuss the opportunity to become an authorised ATT brand distributor – get in touch.   We like all Australians to have access to our products – and ensure the business needs of new and current partners are met.  



Haulmax Wingman is the Australian tyre service platform built to deliver national service coverage for Haulmax Tyres customers.  It is a dealer 24/7 tyre service program with Australian Tyre Traders acting as facilitator.

The program has been created to back your independence and support the service of your customers.

Wingman is all about supporting local business on a national scale. Haulmax Wingman exists to support your local dealership to deliver a truly national service coverage for your Haulmax Tyres customers.

Be a part of the network and enjoy the benefits of the Haulmax Wingman program for your customers.   Simply complete the online sign-up form in the link provided below. We’ll get in touch and discuss your individual requirements and those of your customers – and how the network can work for you.

By agreeing to work together you’ll have access to a network of hundreds of Wingman Service Agents all over Australia for your valued transport customers.

Express your interest through the links below 

Explore local dealer support


We are committed to building our brand awareness locally so that your customers get to know our brands, and the quality of our product and service in partnership with our trusted expert dealer network.

Australian Tyre Traders provides marketing support that enables your dealership to grow your business with customers who see value in our brands proven performance reputation and track record. 

We create marketing communication plans that will achieve a range of agreed objectives within your local area:

Build brand and service awareness.
Enhance dealer-business customer relationships.
Launch new products through you – so that your customers are aware of products features and benefits that are relevant to their needs. 

Expand your market into new specialisations relevant to your region.

Local Community: Ensure we share our knowledge and latest tyre innovations with your local communities via trade events with subject matter relevant to your regional  industries for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Train and educate both customers and your team on tyre management and how to get the most out of their Harvest, Halitrax or Haulmax Tyres. 


Keeping it Local - Events

We love to talk tyres and we welcome the opportunity to help your customers with their tyre questions.

Authorised Dealers of Harvest, Halitrax or Haulmax Tyres gain access to ATT initiated brand events including:

Industry Nights: A selection of industry experts will be made available to share the latest innovations in tyres, machinery and business management practices with your customers.

Farmers & Truckies Events:  A chance for your customer to socialise, enjoy some food & drinks and leverage factory assisted pricing on their next tyre purchase.

We will invest in building our brand awareness within your community so that Harvest is well known to decision makers on Australian Farms. Marketing local means that wherever your customer are – we are.


We exhibit our Harvest brand with an extensive Field Days calendar with attendance around the country.   If there is a field day in your area then  we’ll  work with you to ensure your customers are invited to the event to take advantage of the Harvest product & application expertise on site as well as any factory assisted pricing.

We use field days as a way to connect local end customer enquiries and interest to your business – and believe in investing in local events that support the importantongoing tradition of field days which are a source of connecting, sharing industry knowledge  and providing great fun and entertainment for local communities all over Australia.


Experience the peace of mind that whatever the job, we stand behind our tyres and have you covered.

Agricultural Product Guarantee

Our Harvest Tyres product range has been designed to perform in the harshest Australian conditions and we stand by this with a 7 & 5 year pro-rata guarantee.

Truck & Bus
Product Guarantee

Our Haulmax Tyres product range is covered by a Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee on ATT range steel radial truck and bus tyres.
This guarantee covers all manufacturing and componentry faults.

Product Guarantee

Our Halitrax Tyres product range is built for tough off-road applications. When you choose Halitrax you’re backed by a product and application specific pro rata tread life warranty.

Halitrax Warranty v3

*Please refer back to ATT for product and application specific warranties.

Technical Support

We like talking tyres – and we like solving problems. 

We have an extensive team of tyre experts based all over Australia who have specialities in various vehicle & machinery tyre applications including truck, bus, OTR & agriculture.

The ATT team are passionate about ensuring your customers get the most out of their tyres. We understand the importance of tyre maintenance health checks & technical support in preventing or resolving issues and building strong long term customer brand relationships.

We exist to ensure you have the after sales in field support your customers  need. If we don’t know the answer individually – there is someone in our team who does. 

We work as a team and are here to help you by phone, e-mail, social media or in person.



As a ATT Authorised Branded Dealer you will have access to a range of training programs for your team – and your end customers.
Our training programs are comprehensive and we offer a range of modules that will expand knowledge in a range of important industry areas.

We take a broader perspective beyond brand product & sales training and have created the following programs built for audiences of all levels of experience – from beginner to advanced.

Our popular programs can be tailored to suit your needs and scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to your business rhythm.