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Tyre Pressure

When you think about it, the most important aspect of your vehicle is your tyres. Whether its on the road or off the road, tyres are the only contact between you and the rough surface beneath.

Tyre Pressure
It is estimated up to a quarter of all drivers and vehicle operators drive or operate with over or under inflated tyres. In regards to passenger, truck and light truck applications 95% of the vehicles weight is supported by the air tyre pressure. Correct tyre pressure can vary from vehicle to vehicle and wheel to wheel. Not having the correct tyre pressure in your vehicle can lead to all sorts of problems including, but not limited to:

  • Wear more quickly / unevenly;
  • Reduce fuel efficiency; and
  • May shred or blow out.

It is a good idea to check tyre pressure regularly. At least once a month is adequate and ideally you should check the pressure whilst the tyres are cold. Under inflated tyres can cause all sorts problems.

You should also inspect the tyres for any abrasions or bulges and check for general tread wear.