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Farming just got a whole lot smarter

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have recently developed a golf cart sized robot that can navigate through fields of approximately 4000 hectares via high technology sensors. Aptly named AgBot, the robot is a lightweight buggy that can eradicate weeds and cause minimal damage to soil.

The world-first device was recently presented to the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Agricultural Minister John McVeigh.

This device will soon take the monotonous work out of weeding for Queensland farmers.

Developed by the QUT Robotics lab, in collaboration with both the Swarm Farm in Emerald and the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, the robotics device aims to revolutionise broad acre farming by creating a new class of small, intelligent, cooperative, autonomous robots to increase farming production.

Complimenting the AgBot, QUT are also looking to develop fleets of small robots which communicate with each other and their operator online - while working to spray crops and identify diseases. A number of prototypes of agricultural robots have been developed on the back of Federal funds.

Further, trials in Queensland have previously used the internet and satellite mapping techniques to program paths for autonomous monitoring and spraying units. Reports say a more comprehensive internet infrastructure in rural areas will be needed for the technology to take off throughout the country.  

Other QUT robotics projects include:

  • Developing robots that operate underwater and are highly manoeuvrable, travel hundreds of kilometres and stay deployed at sea for multiple weeks;
  • Fleets of eco-friendly, robotic farm-hands to intelligently apply herbicides;
  • Disc shaped robots that can zoom to hard-to-reach places to do jobs which are too difficult or dangerous for people;
  • GPS navigation systems using low-resolution cameras instead of satellites, which often get scrambled in cities; and
  • Developing, with partners, technology to enable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to fly regularly in civilian airspace.

Harvest Tyres stand up to harsh conditions

Collis testimonial

Finding a reliable tractor tyre that stands up to Australia’s harsh conditions has proven a challenge for many Australian farmers. 

With 7,200 acres to farm, including 3,700 acres of wheat to sow every year, Geoff Collis can’t afford to waste time and money replacing tyres on his tractors. Geoff has tried many well-known brands of tyres over the 40 years he’s been working the land of his “Bellview” property at Collarenbri, Northern NSW, but none have stood up to the test.

In May 2008, unhappy with the performance of the latest tyres on his John Deere 9400 tractor that needed replacing, Geoff asked his local Tyrepower store manager Geoff McGrath to recommend a new, reliable tyre and a set of eight Harvest Tyres R1 were fitted.

Two years later, have the Harvest tyres given Geoff the reliability he’s been looking for? ”I have had no troubles with the tyres, they are doing a good job and are coming into their third sowing season. I have run many different brands of tyres in the past and none have been able to stand up to the test. 

The Harvest tyres are working so well I asked Geoff to fit another set to my Case tractor. We can’t afford to go into a sowing season with poor tyres and I am sure the Harvest will do the job nicely. Pulling a 60 foot Flexi-Coil at around 10.5 klm, I estimate the Harvest tyres have done around 1,400 to 1,500 hours and I am very pleased with them.”

Warehouses now located across Australia

locationsAustralian Tyre Traders (ATT), one of Australia's largest tyre wholesalers are proud to announce an extension of services to cover the majority of Australia.

ATT now have warehouses across Australia ensuring customers have a shorter time frame to receive the tyres of their choice.

Backed by ATT's exclusive dealers for the Haulmax Tyres, Harvest Tyres and Halitrax Tyres brands, ATT stocks most tyres sizes to cover the majority of light truck, truck, agricultural, industrial and off-the-road applications.

ATT continues to show commitment to regional areas by streamlining logistics processes and continually investigating the most efficient transport methods to ensure that products arrive to customers as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding ATT products Australia-wide please phone 1300 761 802 or email [email protected].